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Last updated: 17/01/2023

A 14 place resource for pupils with Autistic Spectrum conditions based in Theale Green School. Resource staff support students in classes as required and can offer one to one intervention programmes within the resource; for example in the consolidation of literacy and numeracy skills and social skills development. Staff support students to develop life skills and there is an on-going programme of 'Time to talk', Art therapy and Yoga. Students have access to the resource and a variety of activities at break and lunchtimes, as well as an after school homework club twice a week. The resource includes access to IT facilities, a kitchen area, toilet facilities for resource students, spaces where they can change for PE and quiet rooms for students to access at their discretion.


ASDU | Theale Green School

Who to contact

Contact Name
Linda Stevens
Contact Position
Theale Green ASDU

Where to go

Theale Green School
Church Street

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 3pm
Time of day
Session Information
Students attend 5 lessons per day

Other Details


All costs are funded through the students EHCP


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

Places at the ASD resource are allocated through the West Berkshire SEN admissions panel. Students applying for a place at the resource must have an EHCP in place with ASD named as their primary need.

Other notes

What qualifications/experience do staff in the Provision have?

Teachers: QTS

WB Autism Awareness training for all ASD unit staff

Sensory Issues and Anxiety

Challenging Behaviour

Safeguarding Training

What training and support is offered to mainstream staff?

Whole school –rolling programme of autism awareness training to all staff to support their ASD knowledge. The Lead Teacher is available to all staff to provide support and guidance.

New Staff and trainee teachers - Autism awareness, updated and reviewed throughout the academic year.

Staff attend courses run by external agencies and the Local Authority as applicable.

Inclusion Information

Dietary Needs

Has Provision

Local Offer


Number of Teachers: 1

Number  of Support staff: 9

2 x Emotional & Physical Health Assistants

1 x Integrated Arts Therapist

1 x CBT Therapist

Contact Name
Linda Stevens
Contact Telephone
01189 308 2741
Contact Email
SEN Provision Type
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Local Offer Age Bands
12 to 14
15 to 16
16 to 18
Needs Level

General Provider

Is your service accessible? (consider in general terms how you make your service accessible, in addition to any specific premises issues)

The Resource base is located on the second floor of the school. The school does have one lift but a small number of stairs would be required to access the resource. 

In line with the school accessibility policy, reasonable adjustments would be made for any student with disabilities.  

What are the eligibility criteria for your service? (please include any age restrictions, types of need catered for etc)

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Resources The Resource caters for children with a diagnosis of ASD, which has a significant impact on the pupil’s learning and development. The need should be such that students require specialised adult support in order to access the curriculum, and for the pupil to make academic and developmental progress. The ASD Resource can cater for pupils who meet the following criteria: • Meet the LA’s statutory assessment criteria for an Education, Health and Care Plan with a Primary Need of Autistic Spectrum Disorder • Have a diagnosis of ASD which has a significant impact on learning and development • Have ASD and associated difficulties which affect access to the curriculum and require specialist teaching or support, including a high level of anxiety, extreme lack of flexibility, significant difficulties with social communication, or a high level of sensory integration difficulties • Have a level of ability within the range expected in a mainstream school • Have sufficient language ability to access the mainstream curriculum • Can access the mainstream curriculum but may need it presented in a highly specialised and flexible way and with opportunities for consolidation • Require intensive, specialist teaching and support to achieve the outcomes identified within their EHC Plan, this includes: o A highly personalised programme to support needs associated with ASD within a flexible approach to adapt to the needs of individual pupils o Access to a high level of support from teachers qualified and experienced in teaching pupils with ASD o Access to appropriate advice and support from speech and language therapy o Access to appropriate advice and support from occupational therapy o A high level of support across the curriculum to include appropriate individual intervention and/or small group work o A carefully planned approach to supporting transition into mainstream environments o Supported inclusion in the mainstream environment o The possibility of access to an alternative curriculum, for example, at Key Stage 4, a reduced timetable for GCSEs and/or opportunities to engage with providers of alternative education o An environment and ethos of awareness of the needs of pupils with ASD within the wider school, and where all staff have relevant training The provision will not be suitable for pupils whose primary need is related to: • Emotional and behavioural difficulties • Speech and language delay.

How are referrals/applications made to your service? (include details of who can refer/apply and referral and application process)

Applications are made directly through the LA. Parents of pupils who live in West Berkshire are welcome to contact the school to arrange a visit. Those who live outside West Berkshire must contact the LA in the first instance. Local Authority SEND Team, Telephone number : 01635 519713

What is your service standard for responding to referrals/accessing services? (include timescales for responding to referrals and accessing services)

Referrals are made via the West Berkshire Panel. Theale Green School would not correspond directly with parents/carers regarding placement.  

Who provides / funds your service?
Local Authority
Are children, young people, parents / carers charged for your service?
Details of charges, whether any help is available with costs

The places are funded via the SEN Panel. 

Inspection outcomes/quality awards

NAS Accredited resource Ofsted 2015 statement: “Students with Autistic spectrum disorder who attend the specialist provision on-site achieve very well in their GCSE, AS and A-level examinations. This is because the support they receive helps them to have the confidence to work by themselves; all develop in their ability to make and sustain friendships. Many move on to academic courses at university.”

Feedback and complaints procedure

Any complaints should be directed initially to the Teacher in Charge of the Resource, or to the Head teacher at the school. If issues remain unresolved the Service Manager for SEN and Disabled Children’s Team: SEN and DCT Service Manager, Council Offices, Market Street, Newbury RG14 5LD 01635 503646

How will I know my child will be safe using this service?

Regular contact is maintained with parents/carers.

All parents/carers have full access to Class Charts which provides live notifications of positive and negative behavior points,awards received and any medical or  truancy alerts

Quality checks

  • DBS check

West Berkshire Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer.

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