Transition and Post 16

Last updated: 27/02/2022

“Transition” is a term used to describe the time when young people who may need ongoing social care services move from childhood into adulthood. They may transfer from children‘s services to adult social care or have an assessment upon leaving school to look at their support needs. 

Transition is a time when a child may be thinking about a range of changes, which might include:

  • Leaving school
  • Starting college or other education
  • Starting employment
  • A change from paediatricians and specialist therapists to other health professionals
  • Thinking about longer term decisions like where you live

During this period, the Council seeks to ensure that your young person and your family are fully supported to make the right choices.  To achieve this, all those involved with your child, including teachers, social care workers and health workers will work together.

For more information, please contact the Adult Social Care Transitions Team on 01635 292 189 or email 

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01635 292189

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