Jane's House Montessori Pre School

Last updated: 26/02/2024

Jane's House Montessori provides early childhood education following the Montessori Method across all areas of the curriculum.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Jane Doyle
Contact Position
Owner / Manager

Where to go

Wash Common Community Centre
Wash Common Community Centre
Glendale Avenue
RG14 6TL

Situated next door to the Wash Common library Jane's House operates from a large community space with an outstanding outdoor space.

Other Details


Table of costs
Table of costs
AmountCost Type
£27.00 per session
£37.15 per day
£6.75 per hour
Cost is per session for non funded children. Additional hours for funding children are charged at our hourly rate.

Inclusion Information

Dietary Needs

Has Provision
Staff are trained on allergy awareness and treatment. We are able to provide food and drink at snack time to cater to all dietary and allergy requirements

Childcare Information


Immediate vacancies
Places available to start immediately: Monday 9:30 - 14:45 Wednesday 9:30 - 14:45 Tuesday 9:30 - 14:45 Thursday 9:30 - 14:45
Date updated
Vacancy range(s)
Vacancy range(s)
PlacesStart AgeEnd Age
1 2 2
1 3 5

Funded Places

3 & 4 year old funding
2 year old funding

30 Hours Extended Entitlements

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Waiting List

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Opening Times & Facilities

Opening Times
Opening Times
DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Monday 09:30 14:45
Tuesday 09:30 14:45
Wednesday 09:30 14:45
Thursday 09:30 14:45
09:15 10:15

School Pickups

Offers pickups

Ofsted Information

Ofsted URN
Link to latest ofsted inspection report 
Inspection history
Inspection History
Inspection DateInspection typeInspection Outcome
19/10/2021Inspection (Early Years Register)Good

Local Offer


Set in Wash Common in South Newbury we are a privately run Montessori Pre-school for children aged 2 to 5 years. Our indoor play space is large, light and airy. We have a large enclosed outdoor area and operate free flow play throughout the sessions. We are within walking distance of our local park which we visit weekly. We aim for a maximum of 24 children at any session and we offer a high level of adult to children ratio’s.

We believe that children learn through their play and provide children with an extensive array of Montessori materials and opportunities to develop through their play and exploration. We ake into account their likes, interests and needs of individual children when planning our curriculum. Our curriculum offers a balance of child initiated learning, adult led activities and lots of extracurricular activities including: Debutots, Spanish and Imagine More with Thembi.


Contact Name
Jane Doyle
Contact Telephone
07738 969 358
Contact Email
SEN Provision Type
Medical, Specific Literacy Difficulties, Speech & Language Difficulties, Behavioural, Emotional & Social Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Physical Disability, Hearing Impairment, Moderate Learning Difficulties, Visual Impairment
Local Offer Age Bands
1 to 4
Needs Level

Early Years Private, Voluntary & Independent Settings

1: How does the setting identify children with additional needs or SEND?

At Jane's House Montessori we are always available to listen to any concerns you and your family may have regarding your child’s development or progress. We will support you and your family when you express reservations about your child attending pre-school. Our qualified staff will be happy to discuss your child’s individual needs and how we are able to meet their needs before your child attends pre-school. Visits are encouraged before registering and any additional information you wish to share, and questions you may have can be answered during the visit and/or settling sessions. Once registered you and your child will be invited for an informal chat with the pre-school Manager, SENCo and your child’s key person, to discuss further individual needs and requirements to ensure we offer the best start to pre-school for your child. At Jane's House we know that every child is individual and they will be respected and valued as such and any concerns are always taken seriously. Positive partnerships between us at pre-school and you at home are key to your child’s progress. We have excellent staff, who have had working experiences with children with a range of SEN. We are a registered ECAT (Every child a Talker) setting, and therefore record and monitor a child’s speech and language development. We recognise the importance of a child’s speech and language development and the impact this can have in a child’s life and into adulthood. We follow the EYFS statutory framework within your child's online learing journey. All staff observe and record a child’s progress, and next steps of learning are in place to support individual children progress with their learning and development. These processes ensure we have sound knowledge of each child. If we have concerns about how your child is progressing in pre-school you will be invited for an informal chat with your child’s key person and the pre-school SENCo, to discuss further and how we can all work together for your child. This may include using different strategies tailored to your child and/or the implementation of an individual support and play plan for your child. As a family you are very much involved in this planning process and we take into account your thoughts, feelings and aspirations for your child.

2: How will I be informed / consulted about the ways in which my child is being supported?

The SENCo in our setting is responsible for ensuring children with SEN are progressing and supported appropriately. Communication through regular meetings and conversations with parents are key. The SENCo will liaise with other agencies and professionals already involved or contact other professionals for advice if appropriate for children who are not already recognised as SEN. SAPP (support and achievement play plans) will be used to outline strategies that will involve your child, your child’s key person, The SENCo and you the parent (s) / carer (s) and family.

3: How will the setting adapt the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for my child's needs?

Every child is individual with individual needs, which will be met to ensure the best outcome for your child. Children are supported and encouraged to be independent and not to become dependent on adults. This is a key principle of the Montessori approach - help me to help myself. We support appropriately and give guidance to the child, this will provide them with valuable life skills from the outset. Our experienced and qualified staff plan the curriculum taking into account the child’s / children’s likes and interests which are discussed at circle time. When planning, all staff are responsible for making differentiations to any planned activities for all children to be included, and ensuring all children can access available resources. The child’s key person will plan, observe and assess activities for individual children working towards next steps of learning and development. The child’s next steps are generated through Tapestry based on all observations taken of your child. The key person checks and plans for these accordingly. When your child has achieved their target, the cycle is repeated (plan, observe, assess). Your child’s next steps of learning are available for you to view online and can be discussed with your child's key person and the SENCO at any time.

4: What teaching strategies does the setting use for children with additional needs or learning difficulties?

In pre-school we have available: *visual timetables if needed *prompts *forward and backward chaining *equipment is easily accessible to the children * now/ next We follow suggestions put in place by the speech and language team. If necessary staff will undertake further training to accommodate a child's needs.

5: What additional support does the setting provide for children with additional needs or SEND?

Interventions are made at Jane's House, based on each individual child and tailored to meet their needs appropriately. We observe children closely and make records of their progress, achievements, difficulties and behaviours; this helps us to see the bigger picture. There may be triggers for certain behaviours or patterns occurring that need to be addressed. Your child’s key person and SENCo will share concerns and offer support. We will discuss which services we feel it may be worth contacting and explain clearly our reasoning behind this and that the advice or intervention is to ensure that we provide your child with appropriate support. Pre-school needs to be a happy and enjoyable experience for your child, whilst providing them with the best start to their education. Early intervention is key for a child who displays signs of SEN to ensure the child’s needs are met. We have a wide range of additional support services available to us including: West Berkshire early years service, EDIT (Early Development Inclusion Team) and pre-school SEND funding, speech and language therapists and educational psychology services. Any advice and support from these services are recorded, implemented and monitored to ensure the best outcome for your child. Further advice and or support may be necessary following monitoring; this will be discussed with you before contact is made with the appropriate service.

6: How will the setting monitor my child's progress and how will I be involved in this?

We observe, plan, assess, and monitor your child’s progress from the day they enter pre- school, using the online tools within Tapestry alongside our starting point questionnaire. You and your child will be offered settling in visits prior to entry. During this time you will meet your child’s key person who will have an informal chat about your child, their interests, family etc. It is important that any concerns you may have at this point are shared with the key person. If your child has other professionals already involved and recognised as SEN, you will be invited to have a meeting with our SENCo and your child’s key person to discuss in more detail. Between the age of 2 – 3 years your child’s Key Person will complete a 2.5 year progress check for your child. You will check, agree and make any relevant comments on this form with the key person and a copy is available for you to view at all times within your child's Tapestry profile. The 2.5 year check is a government requirement for all children in this age group entering pre-school. Your child may already have had a 2.5 year check with a health visitor or other medical professional. We ask that you share this information with us at pre-school, to support your child effectively. We ensure your child is involved in their learning by listening to them, following their interests, and providing them with resources they enjoy. Children learn through their play if they are interested and engaged in what they are doing. Parents are always welcome into pre-school during sessions. We offer parent meetings and discuss progress during parent help sessions. All staff are available at the start and end of the pre-school sessions. If you feel you need to discuss any issues the Manager, we will arrange a meeting at a convenient time with the appropriate person.

7: How do you ensure children with additional needs or SEND can be included in the same activities as other children, including trips?

All children are given the opportunity to take part in any activity provided by us; we take into account individual needs of each child and ensure we meet these needs. Having built a positive relationship with your family, your child’s key person and the Manager will discuss with you any concerns you may have and offer re assurance; we value your advice and knowledge of your child. We will discuss your child’s needs together and how we plan to ensure their safety and well being. This is achieved through careful planning before any activity or offsite trip takes place. When planning outings, we consider transportation, such as will your child require any equipment i.e. a buggy or wheelchair, how many extra staff and volunteers will be needed to ensure children’s safety. A risk assessment will be carried out for each specific activity or off site visit, included within the risk assessment will be information about children with SEND, who will need extra support and how we will support these children.

8: How accessible is the building for children with mobility difficulties / wheelchair users?

We offer an all inclusive environment for all children to thrive. We have policies and procedures in place, taking into account the current SEN Code of Practice and the Equalities Act 2010. These policies and procedures are implemented to ensure we offer inclusion for all users. Our setting has wheelchair access, there is a ramp into the building, there are disabled toilet facilities and the entrance to our room has double doors to allow access. Due to our large indoor space, we are able to adapt the layout of our indoor area to suit children who may need to use a wheelchair or other equipment. Any equipment that is not needed for the child’s use throughout the session, can be stored in our large cupboard, and used as and when required. We welcome, respect and value all families. We are committed to anti-discriminatory practice to promote equality of opportunity and valuing diversity for all children and families.

9: How will you support my child's transition to a new setting or school?

We liaise closely with you and your family, other settings that your child also attends and other professionals involved with your child and your family, from the first day your child attends pre-school. All information we have about your child is shared with all staff before your child starts pre-school, this ensures all staff are aware of your child’s individual needs. Contact will also be made with the other setting your child already attends if applicable, before their first day. If your child continues to use more than one setting we will build up a relationship with the other setting and work together for your child. This will include sharing the child’s achievements on a regular basis. You will be involved in this process along with any other professionals working with you and your family. Before your child starts our pre-school we offer settling in visits, we are flexible as to how many visits and length of time of the visits suitable for you and your child. Your child will also receive a welcome pack with photos of all the staff and the setting, to familiarise themselves with at home. We would also encourage your child to bring in family photos to support them in the settling in process, if you think this would be useful. When your child moves on to another setting or school, the key person completes a transition report for your child. The child’s learning journey along with the transition report, are delivered to the new setting or school. A visit / visits from the new key person or class teacher to our setting will be encouraged before the child moves on. For all children with SEND the pre-school Manager / SENCo will contact new settings/school to arrange an appointment with the headteacher, SENCo or teacher to share important information before the transition takes place. Parents will be invited to any arranged visit.

11: Who should I contact if I am considering registering for a place at the setting?

For more information or to arrange a visit to our pre-school please contact The Pre-School Manager: Jane Doyle SENCO 07738 969 358 Alternatively you can visit our website at: www.janeshousemontessori@gmail.com

12: What arrangements does the setting have for feedback from parents / carers, including compliments and complaints?

In the Pre-School foyer we display an ECAT information board, the board has lots of useful information for parents and carers about speech and language development. The communication cake is clearly displayed and labelled, this helps the parents, have a better understanding about the foundation skills your child needs before progressing to expressive language and speech sounds and some ideas on how to support your child’s speech and language development. Our deputy manger, Karen Tree updates the board monthly with a talking tip for parents to try at home with their child / children and she is is also our ELLP (lead practitioner for language). Any concerns you have about your child’s speech and language can be discussed with your child’s key person or alternatively Karen or Jane will be happy to help. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s specific needs please speak to Jane and / or your child’s key person. Parents are reminded via e mail to look at our boards in the main hall. Staff are available to talk to parents in the morning before the pre-school session starts and at the end of the pre-school day. The Manager will be happy to make an appointment convenient to all parties as soon as possible. Should you wish to make a complaint, a copy of our complaints policy and procedure can be found on our website, within our policy folder, this is on display and on site everyday and displayed on our notice board. Comments and suggestions are also encouraged. You can speak to staff directly, alternatively comments, suggestions and complaints can be sent for the attention of our Pre-School Manager Jane to janeshousemontessori@gmail.com We are able to offer families useful information on voluntary agencies, support groups that are provided by local children’s centres. We also share useful information and support provided to us by West Berkshire Council for parents, carers and their families.

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