Newbury Slings - babywearing support for younger children and support in carrying older children

Newbury Slings is a local babywearing support aimed at supporting local families. Volunteer run and managed by a babywearing Consultant.

Babywearing allows a parent or carer to hold close and supports bonding with the child, Ideal support fo parents/caregivers with disabilities, whether physical or mental and also supports children with needs or promotes bonding processes for foster and adoptive families.

Sling library meets monthly with a free to access session.

Babywearing is not just for babies, and many families with children who provide comfort 'wear' older children for as much as needed from 5 minutes to reassure an anxious child, to providing a safe place for a child with ASD or other challenging when out and about, and/or for children with physical challenges, especially in locations where buggies are an issue to use.

examples of benefits can be found at Dr Rosie Knowles - at www.babywearing, GP and babywearing Consultant.  Not sure, ask us and we find the links to show you

Who to contact

Contact Name
Contact Position
Babywearing Consultant

offering a free monthly (minimum) library session, and with discounted consultation sessions for personalised 1:2:1 support. The aim is to offer bi-monthly sessions, providing volunteers are available to help run sessions.

As a non-profit, we rely on volunteers to keep group running.

Where to go


See our facebook page/group for details of the next events. 

Other Details


£20 membership: £10/month hire, free access to support
non-members: £20/month hire

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