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Last updated: 24/11/2023

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I’m an OFSTED registered childminder based in Calcot , providing term time only care for EYFS children age 0-5 years old. 

At Little Brown Bears, we do a range of activities in the setting, from play dough, painting, a mixture of  different sensory play such as: shaving foam, crazy soap, pasta, rice, jelly, chia slime ect. For baby’s and younger  children I provide a range of edible resources such as edible paint and edible glue to enable everyone to be able to participate. We go on regular outings into the community, park trips, soft play, gymnastics and forest school sessions. 

I follow the EYFS curriculum and using a variety of teaching methods from Hygge, Montessori and curiousity. 
Above everything, children’s needs, interests and wellbeing are my utmost priority. I aim to provide a safe , nurturing environment where children can grow and flourish at their own rate. I work very closely with parents, and like to build good relationships to enable us to work together effectively and help children reach their fullest potential. 



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Rachael Brown
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Little Brown Bears
West Berkshire

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Table of costs
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£6.00 per hour

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1 0 1
1 1 4
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0 8 +

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Monday 7.15 am 5.30 pm
Tuesday 7:15 am 5:30 pm
Wednesday 7:15 am 5:30pm
Thursday 7:15 am 5:30pm
Friday 7:15am 4pm

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Calcot Infant & Nursery School
Calcot Infant School And Nursery Class
Calcot Junior School
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Rachael Brown
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Medical, Specific Literacy Difficulties, Speech & Language Difficulties, Behavioural, Emotional & Social Difficulties, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Physical Disability, Hearing Impairment, Moderate Learning Difficulties, Visual Impairment
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0 to 1
1 to 4
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Early Years Private, Voluntary & Independent Settings

1: How does the setting identify children with additional needs or SEND?

I shall follow the EYFS, this includes regular assessments and tracking of the children's development. This will highlight to me any concerns and delays in children’s development. When a concern is raised by either the childminder or the parent then a meeting to discuss the child shall be arranged. Next steps, targets and planning shall be put into place considering the child's individual's needs. Parents views and concerns will always be taken seriously, the results from tracking and early years outcomes will be compared and measures will be put into place where necessary to support the child.

2: How will I be informed / consulted about the ways in which my child is being supported?

I am signed up to an online system called baby days, parents will have full access to their child’s learning and development. As well as being able to see individual plans for their child (where necessary). I will have regular meetings and conversations with parents, as requested by either the parent or the childminder. Individual needs will be taken into consideration when planning for one to one time when a SEN child needs further support, this will be discussed with parents.

3: How will the setting adapt the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum for my child's needs?

The setting will plan weekly which resources and activities are going to be available. Depending on your child’s needs, the planning and resources will be adapted to suit and meet their needs and requirements in line with the EYFS. Children are encouraged to be independent where possible and I will work to help them achieve as much independence as possible. Such as; washing own hands, getting shoes on. I also use the EYFS and development matters framework to plan, assess and track your children’s learning and development. Any concerns raised by this, I shall discuss with you an appropriate way to support them. Parents views and observation of home learning a development is always welcome. I like to see a hollistic view of the child, so welcome working with parents.

4: What teaching strategies does the setting use for children with additional needs or learning difficulties?

I use visual prompts annd visual timetables to support childrens speech and language difficulties. I use Makaton during the day and send home Makaton folders with the children. I will adapt my own speech in simplified ways to support those with speech and language delays. I will work closely with other agencies involved with the child, so that we can work together to support their needs, helping them reach their fullest potential.

5: What additional support does the setting provide for children with additional needs or SEND?

I support parents with baby days online learning journal, face to face meetings, informal conversations. I am going to be a social setting, that will visit local activities eg; playgroups, parks ect. I will have one to one opportunities to help any children in our setting that needs support in developing and growing their social skills. I will liase with any services involved with the child. I would have a meeting with parents about services available to their child, I would also refer them to West Berkshire local offer for families. I will ensure our families are receiving the correct support that they are entitled to and chase up any pending enquiries.

6: How will the setting monitor my child's progress and how will I be involved in this?

I will track children’s development and learning by regularly observing them in line with the EYFS and development matters framework. Parents can expect meetings with my self and up to date journals that can be accessed online at their convenience. I review children’s progress half termly when using a tracking form and their recent observations. I will liaise with any other settings that child attends to ensure that information is accurate on the child.

7: How do you ensure children with additional needs or SEND can be included in the same activities as other children, including trips?

I will keep in constant contact with parents if when planning activities that I feel that adaptations need to be made for their child, I shall inform them how they will be included. I will ensure I have a range of resources that is suitable to meet different needs, such as sensory toys. I will consider children's needs when planning to ensure no child shall be excluded. Risk assessments are performed before new outings and resources are used and I will make adaptation where necessary.

8: How accessible is the building for children with mobility difficulties / wheelchair users?

I have steps at the back and front of the property so unfortunately it is not suitable for wheelchair users.

9: How will you support my child's transition to a new setting or school?

I will complete transition reports for all leavers who are attending a new setting. I will open my setting up to new providers who wish to visit the child in our setting. I will ensure when the child leaves all learning journeys, assessments, IEP plans are shared with the new setting. Before a child starts at my setting I shall gain as much information as possible from parents and any professionals working with the child. I will also perform my own baseline assessments to gain a perspective of the child’s current developmental stage.

10: How does the setting assess the overall effectiveness of its SEN provision and how can parents / carers take part in this evaluation?

I will ensure that I am up to date with any training. I will endeavour to seek new training that is required to support a child that has additional needs that I need to meet.

11: Who should I contact if I am considering registering for a place at the setting?

;Please call Rachael on 07713608154

12: What arrangements does the setting have for feedback from parents / carers, including compliments and complaints?

I have a complaints policy and procedure in place, that parents have to sign before starting so that they know how to complain or compliment me and what to do if we do not take their complaint seriously.

Quality checks

  • DBS check

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