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Disability & Special Needs for West Berkshire

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ABLEize is a non profit disability run website established to offer the UK’s largest collection of disability and special needs resources to ensure disabled people, their carer’s and family have access to contacts and online information.  Established in 2006 ABLEize was created and is run by disabled people offering both national and local resources.

ABLEize is maintained and added to regularly by its group of disabled researchers to ensure the information is kept up to date. Every subject is covered from access needs, disability sports, arts, special needs education through to support groups. It also contains individual categories offering details of clubs, services and groups in your area. Click Berkshire disability resources for this area.

Local and national resources covered within the 420+ categories can be found from the front page of ABLEize and cover all disabilities and special needs but for the convenience of visitors of this site we have included a short cut to the most viewed sections of ABLEize.

ABLEize also provides information of a vast range suitable everyday of disability products and related services requested by the disabled, their family and carers.  These are vital to a range of disabilities, the most requested resources are below:

ABLEize is grateful to West Berkshire Council for assisting with ensuring disabled and special needs people, their family and carers have access to the information and resources they require.

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All information and resources and provided online.

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West Berkshire Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer here