Plug alerting you that loved ones are ok - 3rings

Daily actions, such as making coffee or watching TV, reassure you and your family, and bring your ageing Loved Ones closer. This helps maintain independent living for your Loved Ones and gives the rest of the family peace of mind.

How it works - 3rings gives daily reassurance by sending emails and messages to your 3rings app as well as timely alerts by text or calls when changes in behaviour could be cause for concern.

  • For families that worry about their ageing loved ones the 3rings Plug lets them know that all is OK just by Mum or Dad making a cup of tea or turning on the TV
  • At the heart of your 3rings Plug is a mobile phone so no Internet is needed at your Loved Ones' home.
  • When your Loved One uses their 3rings Plug enabled appliance it lets your 3rings Portal know via its in-built 'mobile phone'.
  • Your 3rings Plug lets us know each time a connected appliance is turned on/off.

Who to contact

01268 814 810
Made2Aid - 3rings plug

Where to go

14, Furtherwick Road
Canvey Island

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