Skiing for the Disabled

Last updated: 02/08/2019

Your First Session

What you need to do before your first session

  • Contact ASD by email or telephone 01483 223395 to let us know that you are interested in coming along
  • You will be asked to fill out a participation form so that we can identify what assistance/equipment you may need
  • About 10 days before each monthly session you will receive an email asking if you wish to attend.  Please respond to this email so that we know that you are coming. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate skiers/boarders who turn up without letting us know as we have limited availability at our sessions
  • From time to time we have a waiting list for new members, but we will try and accommodate you asap

What you should bring/do before you come

  • Dress:
    • Please wear long sleeves and trousers (even in warm weather) 
    • Bring a pair of gloves - you will be required to wear these on the slope
    • A waterproof or suntan cream (we will ski even if it is raining)  
    • We recommend that you wear a long pair of socks and trousers that are wide enough to go over your ski boot (this will be more comfortable than tucking your trousers into your boot)
    • We will provide you with ski boots, skis and a ski helmet, if required
  • It is helpful if you know your shoe size, height and weight as this will make things easier on the day
  • There are refreshments available for purchase at the centre, but you may want to bring water etc 

What you can expect on your first visit

  • An instructor will have a chat with you and explain how things work
  • We will get you kitted-up for the session
  • Once kitted-up, you will be taken out onto the slope and work through a tailored session which will include getting used to the equipment and gentle progression up the slope

Who to contact

Contact Name
Aldershot Snowsports for the Disabled
01483 223395
Snowsports for the Disabled

Where to go

Alpine Snowsports
Gallwey Road
GU11 2DD

Other Details


Non-members can attend up to 3 sessions as a "taster", but we then ask that all our skiers/boarders, Special Olympic skiers, volunteers and instructors join the club.

The annual subscriptions for 2015-16 are:
•Adult member: £18
•Junior member (18 years or under): £10
•Family Membership: £23
•Associate Member*: £5

*E.g. volunteers/instructors who are in full-time education

Slope Fees

The fees for each session are:
•Member Skier/boarder - £4.00
•Non-member Skier/boarder - £5.00
•Non-member Volunteer - £1.00 (to cover insurance)

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