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Last updated: 16/02/2022

Creative Communities West Berkshire was born out of a joint love for all things creative and a passion for designing and delivering courses for all adults including those suffering from a range of mental and physical challenges.

Creative Communities West Berkshire currently offer two programmes; The Relate Programme and the Reconnect programme.


The Relate Programme

The Relate Programme is specifically created for older adults living in rural communities, and their friends, family and/ or carers. This brand new ten-week programme covers a range of different creative disciplines, all of which aim to improve and develop fine motor skills and memory retention, as well as bringing older, potentially vulnerable adults and their friends and family together through a shared interest, thereby improving mental and physical wellbeing. This programme is all about getting out and getting together again, meeting new people and learning some new creative skills, all in a fun and informal environment.

Many of the skills covered on the programme can also be continued at home with limited resources. This programme aims to connect older adults and their loved ones with others in their local community, therefore creating a support network for the whole family. 

Visit the website for a full listing of all courses.  Courses will include Therapeutic Art, Crafts, Pottery, Movement to Music, Flower Arranging, Creative Writing and Poetry, Reminiscence and Pet Art Therapy.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Sarah Hemmings or Tanya Reid via the online enquiry form
Sarah 07871643684
Tanya 07871643685

Where to go

Course currently in Hungerford

Other Details


This programme is funded by West Berkshire Council and is therefore FREE of charge. We do ask for a small contribution of £10, per ten week course towards the cost of materials, equipment and resources.


Age Ranges
Other notes

New 10 week course due to start on Wednesday 27th April 2022 in Bradfield Village hall 10am to 12pm. 

West Berkshire Council do not promote or endorse any of the services listed in this Directory. For more information on this please read our disclaimer.

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