Free helpline for young people in an emotional position

Support Line (previously known as Get Connected) is the free helpline for any individual of any age, who know they need help but don't know where to find it. 

Talk by phone, email and webchat any day of the year. The Helpline Volunteers are fully trained to support each young person in their unique situation, and help them choose the best service from over 13,000 in the UK. Support Line is the vital gateway between a distressing, confusing problem the young person can't solve on their own and the service that can help them solve it. Crucially, the connection made for each young person to their chosen source of help is free as well.

Support Line can advise young people on many topics such as:
Bullying, housing issues, addiction, self-harm, money problems, depression, emotional stress, sadness, jealousy and other concerns.

If you're worried about a young person, you can make contact on their behalf, or pass on the Support Line's contact details so they can get in touch.

Who to contact

01708 765200


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