Chalfont Nannies

Last updated: 21/08/2019

 We recruit Nannies both locally and nationally through recognised colleges and universities offering industry standard qualifications.
 We advertise in both local and national publications, as well as liase with other Nanny agencies. Specific jobs may be advertised on behalf of a client.
 We have been recommended in the Good Nanny Guide.
 We advertise in magazines such as The Lady, The Nursery World and telephone directories such as Yellow Pages but we have a very high percentage of callers, both clients and Nannies through recommendation.
 Among our Nanny register, we also place Maternity Nurses, Nanny/Housekeepers and temporary Nannies.
 Regarding Police checks (as known as in the past) now called dbs checks, we have the help of a company who provide us with criminal checks on Nannies through the Criminal Records Bureau . They check the candidates criminal record and can check if they are listed on the DFES (Department of Education) list of unsuitables.
 Our Agency is always open for advice. We help with contracts (we have blank copies you can use upon request). We have Tax and National Insurance details from a reputable company (Nanny Tax) and send you this information with our application pack automatically.
 We interview Nannies for a minimum of an hour to establish their suitability, authenticity, references, qualifications and/or experience. A written report is then made available to the client.
 We follow up references both written and verbally in all cases and check employment histories thoroughly.
 We liase with clients to establish their exact requirements and offer advice in specifying job descriptions.
 We help clients new to employing Nannies, to understand the hiring process and detail responsibilities and expectations of their new employee.
 We liase between Nanny and Client to arrange interviews.
 We give guidance to both Clients and Nannies on their obligation in relation to wages, Tax, NI, insurance and contract of employment.
 We provide ongoing professional advice to present and past Clients and Nannies.
 We continue to pursue the relevant issues, legislation and academic changes relevant to this industry so as to keep you all well informed.
 We hope to continue an excellent service for our Clients and Nannies.
 With the overall aim of providing a happy environment for your child/children

Who to contact

0208 561 1677
07904 641400
Chalfont Nannies

Where to go

17 Mint Close
UB10 0TJ

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Mon - Sun -06:30-22:00

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