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A unique and gentle technique blending 5 different touch therapies, providing a gentler and more supportive massage therapy that caters specifically for the more sensitive individual.  Hugely beneficial for those on the autistic spectrum, ADHD, and a wide range of special needs, along with those with emotional issues - stress, depression, trauma and many other mental health conditions.


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Debbie Medlin

I believe EVERYONE has a light to shine, no matter what their special 'ability' and I am passionate about being able to share the benefits of this refined specialised massage therapy to all. Accessible to everyone regardless of age, body shape, need or special ability and can be performed seated, lying down, on bean bags, a specially adapted chair or a massage couch. All massages are done through clothing and can be performed 'dry' with hand cream and/or essential oils.

This specialised therapy, which is a blend of 5 different techniques, massages the back, shoulders, arms, neck, head and face. All sessions are bespoke and client centred, with all clients being heard and valued from the very start, for example many with autism have sensory overload, so by putting them in charge, building up their trust and allowing them to lead eliminates fear and boundaries begin to melt.

Proven results with children, young adults and their families with:

Autism spectrum disorder
ADHD, ADD and executive function disorder
Dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia
Anxiety, depression, trauma and self-harm
Aloopecia (hair loss through stress, trauma or illness)
Mental health challenges
Behavioural challenges
Global development delay
Downs Syndrome
Learning difficulties
Tourette disorder and Tics
Eating disorders
Emotional Issues
Selective mutism

Where to go

RG14 7TT

Understanding that it can sometimes be difficult to transition outside the home or school environment Debbie is able to offer:

Home Visits

Bespoke sessions within schools and specialist academies (subject to prior meeting and agreement with the school)

Private appointments can also be arranged within a local health and wellbeing clinic.


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Sessions can be from 30-60 minutes and use techniques blending five different therapies, proven neurological and scientific research, instinct and years of experience into very refined and specialised treatments.
Accessible to everyone regardless of age, body shape, need or special ability and can be performed seated, lying down, on bean bags. Massages are done through clothing and can be performed "dry" or with hand cream and/or essential oils.

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'After my therapy session I felt calm, clear minded and slept really well. It usually takes me ages to fall into REM but the night after the therapy and since, I have fell asleep quickly without my mind racing. I have paralysis of my lower limbs and the sensation I was feeling below my level of injury was something special. I will definitely see Debbie again for another session, she is very professional and explains everything that she is going to do, why she will be doing it and what to expect. Highly recommended'. SW 25th Feb 2019

Other notes

Mother to a son with ADHD, Tourette Disorder & OCD, Debbie has worked within special needs for a number of years and has first-hand experience of the challenges faced by children and young adults with additional needs. Since the diagnosis of her son she has worked to gain awareness and compassionate understanding of special needs and mental health. She has advocated & fought for her son and applied her own massage techniques on him since babyhood. Realising massage was able to calm her son, help him focus and reduce his tics lead her to Giuliana Wheater, author of Indian Head Massage for Special Needs, who has trained organisations including ADHD, ASC and LD Belgium and The Such Project funded by MIND. Giuliana’s techniques and teaching have been approved by the Complimentary Medical Association. Debbie has trained extensively with her and they are working closely together to bring the benefits of proven techniques to West Berkshire and surrounding areas

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