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Last updated: 17/08/2022

We provide timely online training when a teaching professional needs specialist knowledge to understand and support learners, particularly those with special educational needs and/or disability. There is a charge for our main courses. However, we also provide a number of resources FREE including short online courses and webinars. We work with local partners to deliver the OLT courses to practitioners and parents in the area.

What we do:

  • Provide training for teachers, teaching assistants and parents in different aspects of SEND
  • The training is impact driven, in that participants have to set goals around a child or young person and these are supported by a specialist tutor
  • The goals are monitored to record impact
  • The courses include videos of good practice, quizzes, forums for discussion, case studies and rich up-to-date content around SEND



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Our users say:- "I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It is authoritative and very well researched. It is interactive in many places and sequential in presentation. It is not overly prescriptive but uses sociological and psychological principles and practices to suggest good practices. I am in no doubt that all teachers in my school will reap immense benefits from this course". SU, West Berkshire "This course has been like a manual to me. I've been dipping into it so often for strategies to use. It has helped me to realise how difficult it is for hearing impaired children to acquire and use new vocabulary. The phrases - ''need to hear 50 times to acquire it'' and '' Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I will understand'' - continually pop into my mind when I'm with the HI children. Managing inclusion and the different support options available are also a challenge to get right but this course has been good at showing me that a combination of options are usually needed". CS, West Berkshire "I love courses like this they are really informative, they are an ongoing benefit to the school and the children involved, isn't that what it's all about, we are here to help these pupils and one another. I do hope that there are more to come, regarding say, autism, behaviour issues and how to handle different situations, at the end of the day we are here to get the best out of each individual child to the best of their ability. Yes, I believe that all members of staff should do these courses, we can all play 'dumb' can't we? There really is no excuse for all of us not to be able to help ALL children, they all deserve a right to a good education. Most definite, this course is excellent for all parents regardless their child might have/have not this impairment". JK, West Berkshire "I think that this series of online courses is excellent. There is a good mix of information that can be worked on at the learner's convenience, without inset style drowsiness setting in. It is also a genuinely useful and clearly measureable tool for fulfilling aspects of performance management. Most people who work in an educational environment would benefit. The content is general within a specific genre and acts as both a revision manual and a basis for more specialist considerations. The mix of facts, exemplar video presentation from a real situation and questioning, maintain the learner's interest through a contemporary approach that does not present as an academic chore. It is of particular interest to parents of a child with a sensory need. The explanation of the meaning of terms such as 'visual acuity' and 'what is 20/20 vision?' are simple, yet to the uninformed they may seem to come from a different world. Short, sharp video clips put the theory into perspective and help make up a package of both knowledge and reassurance for parents of VI children. The course is challenging in a parent friendly manner". TC, West Berkshire

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