Supported Internships

Last updated: 02/08/2019

What are Supported Internships?

A Supported Internship is an education and training programme with learning at work at its core, which prepares you for a move into paid employment.

A Supported Internship might also include English, maths and other qualifications, if appropriate, as part of a wider programme of study.

You do not already hold them at level 2 (GCSE), or equivalent.

What is the level of Supported Internships?

A Supported Internship is not set at a specific level.  A Supported Internship is set at a level appropriate to the individual need for you to progress to paid work.

How long does a Supported Internship last?

A Supported Internship lasts for at least 6 months.

Do you get paid on a Supported Internship?

No, Supported Internships are unpaid.

Who can apply for a Supported Internship?

To be eligible for a supported internship, you must be aged 16-24 and have a statement of special educational needs, a Learning Difficulty Assessment (LDA) or Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

How can I find a Supported Internship?

Supported Internships are part of 16-24 Study Programmes, which are delivered by 16-24 education and training providers.  You should enquire at local schools, colleges and training providers as to whether they deliver Supported Internships as part of their Study Programme offer.

What is the Support in a Supported Internship?

The support element of the Supported Internship is a level of support for the employer, their staff and the Intern.  A job coach from a supported employment agency will often be used to work with an Intern to enable them to gain, learn from, develop in and maintain their internship and to make a positive progression on to paid sustainable employment; and with employers to enable them to offer a meaningful internship.

How can I find out more about Supported Internships?

The GOV.UK site has more information about Supported Internships.

You can also visit Preparing for Adulthood  and Stories and Videos.

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