Friends of the elderly - Financial grants and home support for over 60s living on low incomes

Last updated: 05/12/2022

If you live in England or Wales, are of state retirement age and are living on a low income, get in touch. 

Call to check you are eligible.

Who are our grants for?

Friends of the Elderly provides small grants (normally up to £400) to older people who meet all of the following criteria::

  • Resident in England and Wales
  • Of/over state pension age
  • Who are living on low incomes and with little savings
  • Who do not fit the criteria for other funders

Who to contact

020 7730 8263
Friends of the elderly

Other Details


Age Ranges
Referral required
Referral Details

How to Apply

Applications on behalf of individuals are made by referring organisations working in local communities, such as Home Improvement Agencies, Tenancy Support Workers, Social Services, Citizens Advice or Age UK.  The role of the referring organisation is to assist the application process, verifying the applicant’s circumstances and supporting the applicant with purchasing the item or service they need.

How to find a Referral Agent

Our grants for older people can only be accessed via a third-party Referral Agent who knows you in a professional support role or community capacity and submits the application on your behalf.

Examples of potential Referral Agents include someone from:

  • Your local authority (housing officer, social worker, councillor)
  • Your local health support services (care worker, support worker, health professional, social prescribers)
  • Your housing association
  • A charity or community organisation (community centre, support group, activity group)
  • Advice providers (Citizen’s Advice, Age UK), debt advisors welfare benefits advisors)
  • Cultural and religious centres (e.g. Churches, Mosques, Temples etc).
  • A Doctor/GP surgery can be a referrer, but only if they are willing to submit the application and follow through on its outcome.

Private contractors, friends, family, neighbours, and other individuals cannot act as referral agents.

As of 1st December ALL REFERRAL AGENTS MUST read and follow the new guidance notes and application procedures.  We have MADE THE PROCESS EASIER for you.

If you are applying via email, please ensure you use the new version of the application form – email us for a copy of the new form.

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