Training and Employment

Training and employment can be accessed by everyone living or working in the West Berkshire area.

School children aged 16 and over who are no longer in full time education can choose to enrol on an apprenticeship/traineeship. These can also be available to people up to the age of 25 or over with some providers.

Adult learning can help you develop your skills and assist you into becoming employed or enrolling onto a full time course. There are various courses available to adults aged 19 and over without level 2 qualifications, who are unemployed and on active benefits. Courses are designed to help you re-connect with learning, gain new skills, improve your health and wellbeing, access employment, progress to accredited courses, or support your children's learning and development. 

Getting into or remaining in employment can sometimes prove difficult – health, children and other family commitments may cause concern. You can get support and advice to manage these issues, this can be provided through local groups or from national websites and helplines. Use the links provided to connect to organisations which can offer employment and training support.

For more information on services offering support to children and young people with SEND please visit the Local offer.

Apprenticeships and Careers

Are you interested in careers in the following fields, if so then please follow the links below for further information.

Dentistry: Please read here for more information

Film Career Advice: Please read here for more information

Hairdressing: Please read here for more information

Barbering: Please read here for more information.

How to become a Vet  Please read here for more information

How to become a make up artist  Please read here for more information

How to become a truck driver Please read here for more information

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