Leisure and Recreation

Leisure and recreation

Participating in new and exciting activities is a great way to get out and spend time together as a family. West Berkshire has activities and events aimed at families for all different age groups. Some of these include things such as baby massage and sensory classes, parent and toddler groups and swim sessions for tots. For older children there are sports and activities that can improve confidence, fitness and skills; these include football coaching, dance/gymnastic classes, martial arts or athletics clubs, arts & music groups, voluntary groups, faith based groups, and much more.

West Berkshire also has plenty of parks and outdoor space where families can enjoy the outdoors together for free –using park play equipment, taking nature walks, bike rides and picnics.  

There are always various exciting events aimed at families during different times of the year. Please use the section below to find links to Parks/ Open spaces, children’s activities and events in West Berkshire.  Details of classes can be found by clicking on 'view all services'.

This section provides details of leisure activities and things to do with your families from arts and crafts through to uniformed groups.

Parks and Open Spaces
Click here for details of parks and open spaces in West Berkshire

Primary Times in Berkshire
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Families Magazine in Berkshire have a very useful and comprehensive section on 'Things to Do'.

Youth clubs are places where young people can go to meet their peers and participate in activities such as music, football, basketball, table tennis, or video games, or religious activities. Many youth clubs are set up to provide young people with a place where they can meet with friends and practice new activities. Some youth clubs can have a particular focus, such as music, spiritual/religious guidance and advice or characteristics such as sport or outdoor activities.

Youth clubs are there to help young people understand the world around them. Some may be stand alone clubs created around a single idea or activity, while others may part of a larger organisation such as a school, or national organisation.

Youth clubs normally have a leader youth worker who organises, activities, trips or workshops. They can also hold charity events and even volunteer to do many different things. Youth clubs will sometimes help young people to gain qualifications for their life ahead, such as the Scouts or the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Click here for Youth Activities in West Berkshire

An explanation of the Duke of Edinburgh Award in West Berkshire can be found by clicking on the link.

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