West Berkshire Council’s Local Offer for children and young people with SEND and those who support them has been designed in co-production with parents, carers, professionals and young people using the service.

Our Local Offer will always be changing and developing in direct response to the feedback we receive from the people who use it. Our aim is to be in a full and equal partnership with people who use this site and the teams and organisations that  deliver the services available as part of the Local Offer.

We want to be as transparent, approachable, and accountable as possible and to build a service that is responsive to your feedback. We will therefore publish all feedback we receive – whether it is negative, neutral or positive.

In order to do this and respect anonymity, we will paraphrase the feedback we receive and call it “You Said”.

Directly below this, we will publish our response to the feedback, explaining what we did to highlight or rectify any issues raised. We will call this section “We Did”. Our aim is to so this within 30 days of receiving any feedback.

Your views matter – if you are unhappy about some or all of our local offer, please let us know why using the green feedback tab on the right of the screen.

Help us make your Local Offer the best it can be!


Feedback Response 2017

Feedback quote received from a provider advertising through the Local Offer

"Running a small business it is often a struggle to afford advertising costs.  The Local Offer has enabled me to advertise my services to a wide audience at no cost at all.  I am pleased to gain regular clients, whom have additional care needs, that were able to find me on the Local Offer".

Feedback Received 2016

Feedback received through our website feedback form on 2nd April 2016

You Said:

Working with 7 young adults in post 16 setting and struggling to find information on services for:

Learning to Drive.

Learning to play the guitar - East part of West Berks

Local Theatre group - East part of West Berks.

We Did

Research was done to find services within our area for these sections where information was unavailable. New records were added on our Local Offer site to cover these gaps, these include: Young Drivers; Driving Tuition; Information on Driving for SEND; No Gears - Automatic Driving Tuition; Regional Driving Assessment Centre (RDAC);  These services were added to both Transport and Becoming an Adult sections on our website.

Also added to the website within the Childcare, Leisure and Recreation section were the Reading Rock Project; Berzerk Productions; Interakt @ Morpheus and Explode Film and Stage Academy. Contact was also made to other providers with requests for information, we remain hopeful for a response from them, in hope for inclusion on our site.

Feedback for 2015

Feedback for 2015

Feedback received through our website feedback form on the 29th of July 2015 

You Said:
The information on your local offer site is not accurate. I was looking for the Eight Bells for mental health and for sport in mind. I could not find either.

As there groups I was looking for were not there, the information was not useful to me

The site was easy to use and information was easy to find I have not used this service before and I would not recommend it to others due to the lack of information.

 Your list needs developing!

 We Did:

We will be putting the Eight Bells for mental health and Sport in Mind onto our Local offer. It is available on the Council’s Social Care Information Point (SCiP), but it will be made available on the Local Offer website as well.

As a direct result of this feedback, we will be putting a link to the SCiP website from our transition "Becoming an Adult" page on the local offer. We are hoping this will give those between the ages or 18 and 25, the prompt to also search the adult social care website.

Feedback received via email on the 3rd of June 2015

You Said:

Although the information on your local offer was accurate, it was not complete and did not meet my, nor my family’s needs.

We are parents of a teenage girl with severe and enduring, complex medical needs, which have impacted on her development. We are planning our daughter’s next stage of life, which for her is around longer term supported living. Having searched the WB local offer for services and options available for young people with multi-sensory, the only thing I found is the Berkshire Sensory Consortium. (Parents alluded to their child’s specific condition which is relatively rare).

The hearing and vision impaired search filters are not sufficiently useful for people with multi sensory impairment who have more complex needs. I have included several guidelines and information published by the government around supporting deaf-blind people
I have also included the following suggestions for the WB Local Offer about the inclusion of specialist services (either in West Berkshire or in neighbouring areas) that we would be interested in. They are Support services addressing social and emotional needs  resulting from sensory impairment?

Support for families with a child or young person with sensory impairment, including access to key working

Transition of children and young people with sensory impairment to further education and independent living

Saying this, finding information on the site was easy. I have never used the local offer, but I would recommend it to other parents, professionals and carers.

We Did:

We responded to the sender’s questions by making clear that the local offer is intended to be a general website covering a very wide range of information, and also sign posting to other sources of information.

The local offer cannot be a specialist website for any very specific conditions, syndromes or other illnesses.

However, we have taken on board the comments about filters and we will consider adding a multi sensor filter.

We have are also sought advice on additional information about services for children with sensory impairment, and young people who are deaf / blind, so that we can add this to our website.

Feedback received through our website feedback form on the 23rd July 2015 

You Said:

The information on the website was accurate and it was useful to me. I was able to find all of the information I needed from the local offer website. Information on the site was easy to find.

I would recommend this site to other parents, professionals and carers.

We Did:
No action needed. We posted this information onto our feedback page.

Feedback received through our website feedback form on the 27th of April 2015 

You Said:

The information on I was looking for was not accurate as the school I wanted information on was out of date.

The information of your website was not useful and did not meet my needs as the school’s head teacher and SENCO were new and this was not reflected in your local offer

We Did:

We updated the information on the record that was out of date as of May 2015

Feedback received through our website feedback form on the 26th of March 2015

You Said:

The information on the Local Offer Page was accurate, it met your needs and you were able to find it easily.

We Did:

No action needed. We posted this information onto our feedback page.

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