SEN Support and EHC Plan Survey

We would like to ask for your help in finding out how SEN Support and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP), are working for children, young people and families in West Berkshire.

An organisation called In Control, with the help of children, young people, families and practitioners from across the country, has devised questionnaires for people to complete about the process of getting and maintaining additional support that children and young people need and receive. This survey is called POET, which stands for Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool. 

You can find more information on the Directory here: Education Health and Plan Survey Results 2019-20

If you would like to know more about the work of In Control or see previous Children and Young People‚Äôs POET reports you can visit their website at or contact them on 01564 821 650. 

We would be grateful if you could spare some of your time to complete the survey. There is a survey for children and young people, for parents/carers and for practitioners.

 You can complete the survey on line using the links below:

West Berkshire County Council - Practitioners working with children and young people who have additional support 2022

West Berkshire County Council - Children and young people who have additional support 2022

West Berkshire County Council - Parents of children and young people who have additional support 2022

Locally, we will use the results of this survey to monitor how we are doing and how we can make improvements. The information you give us will also be used in a national report to help improve the way things are done for others in England.  You will not need to give any personal details and there will be no way of identifying individuals.

 A national report with the results will be published 3 times per year and we will receive an individual report for our local authority, subject to us providing sufficient returns. We will share the results and what we will be doing as a result of the findings. 

 In Control continues to adjust and improve the survey questionnaire based on feedback about the forms so we would also be very interested in your views or comments you have about the format of the surveys.

 If you have any questions, feedback about the format of the surveys or wish to be involved in considering the findings next year please contact Jane Seymour, SEN Manager: 

We do hope that you will agree to help us in this very important piece of work and thank you in advance for your time.

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